How Kooky Cookies Came to be



Hi! I’m Margarita, founder of Kooky Cookies, a minority and woman-owned gourmet cookie company. I’m a wife, mom of four, serial entrepreneur, and a passionate carb pusher.


From Weight Loss Coach to Diet Saboteur

I’ve been moonlighting as a health coach for a year (alongside my day job) and finally got to where I had a full roster of clients when the pandemic hit. Suddenly my clients started ghosting me one by one. Most were no longer following my plan and we were all eating our emotions--including me. Understandably so. I figured, if people are all into eating junk right now, folks, I can make some serious delicious junk! They might as well pay me instead of Nabisco or Krispy Kreme!


I’ve been training for this my whole life

I had a cookie business when I was in college where I majored in hotel & restaurant management, before going on to culinary school for 2 years in San Francisco (dorky pic attached). After meeting my husband, a Marine Corps veteran, and moving to Knoxville, TN, we bought a small restaurant (closed it after a year), then I worked for Panera Bread as a baker, and then opened a franchised fast casual restaurant in in the hottest retail center in West Knoxville where we developed the most successful corporate catering program for the entire franchise nationwide. So my entire background has always been around food. Even as I launched a completely different business (by accident!) which went on to become a multi-million dollar company as one of the leading US manufacturers for cloth diapers, I never stopped creating and experimenting with all the different ways of serving up sugar. Because, you know, what else is there to do?


My Mini-Me


My daughter, she’s 11 now, she’s known as the cookie lady at school. She likes to play around with my recipes, bake them, and give them out to her friends and teachers. When the pandemic happened and all the kids are out of school, I thought maybe creating a cookie business would be a fun project so that they might learn the practical applications of math, and still do some active learning while school is out. At least that was the plan.


When making cookies made REAL cents & sense

Kooky Cookies officially launched in mid April, and with just a few Facebook posts, the revenue we generated from the cookies for the first 4 weeks equaled 3 months of the revenue I made as a health coach! Not that I was rolling in dough with weight loss coaching, but the much bigger blessing I observed is that it actually helps bring my whole family together. My husband talks about it to all his friends and helps with production when we have a heavy week. My daughter gets involved with some of the work –when she feels like it—like the packaging, some of the production work, promotes it to her friends, and brings them cookies every chance she gets. The older boys help with moving things around, especially when I still made the cookies out of our home. And they’re always happy to taste test new flavors. In my health coaching business, it was all just me. But with Kooky Cookies, there’s a lot of opportunities for everyone to get involved. And hopefully I’m able to leave a legacy to the kids and show them how businesses are built from the ground up.



About the Cookies


What's so wonderful about Kooky Cookies? You'll never know until you taste a couple for yourself. Tasting two helps convince yourself that the first cookie wasn’t an out-of-body experience!

Our cookies are baked fresh to order and shipped the same day. Baking with all-natural ingredients, no artificial flavoring, coloring or preservatives allows us to create the optimal cookie experience for you. Each cookie is hand-crafted with quality and care. We take pride in ensuring your cookies arrive as fresh as the day they slid out of the oven.

Kooky Cookies are baked and shipped Monday-Wednesday for all orders received by 12 midnight the night before. All orders placed between Wednesday-Sunday will ship out the following Monday, unless it's a local pickup order and you request a Thursday or Friday pickup.