For any of the packages below, you can either pick your own flavors or we'll fill it with the most popular selections.


One Dozen: $25.95
Gluten-free: add $3.00/box
Two Dozen: $45.75
Gluten-free: add $6.00/box

Half Dozen: $25.50
Gluten-free: add $2.00/box
One Dozen: $46.00
Gluten-free: add $4.00/box

STEP 1.  Set up your account and preferences. For the quickest service, set up your account and preferences by filling out our form HERE. All your information is stored in our system for a hassle free ordering process. We save all your addresses and invoices for easy re-ordering.

STEP 2. Send us a text or email. When you're ready to order, you can send it either by text to 865-705-8986, or by email at The following information will also be needed:

Your Name (First, Last):
Pick Up Date:
Pick Up Time:
Headcount or how many cookies needed:
Special Requests/Notes:

For shipped orders, we will also need the following:
Doctor's Name:
Address (city, state, zip):
Suite Number:
Headcount or how many cookies needed:
Special Requests/Notes:


STEP 3. We take care of the rest and deliver on time--everytime. We bake your cookies the day you need to pick them up or the day we ship them. Shipping to anywhere in the US is available for a flat rate of $8.00, and arrives in 2 business days. We ship orders Mondays-Wednesdays. Local Knoxville, TN orders can be picked up at 11245 Threadstone Lane, Knoxville, TN 37932 between 7:30 am-4 pm, Mondays-Fridays. 

STEP 4.  Receipt emailed. A receipt is emailed to you the same-day.


Questions? Talk to us. Send us a text at 865-705-8986 or email at